Casio Watches

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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The liquid crystal display (LCD) format used in high quality flat panel TVs and computer monitors was initially developed for smaller, more simple applications, such as calculators, cash registers, and digital watches. Modern LCD watches often boast a wide array of features, and specialized models are available for everyone from mountain climbers to surfers. Casio is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic LCD-based watches, and are constantly updating their catalog with new, multifaceted designs.

Casio's PAG60-1AV Pathfinder watch is made for hikers. Its time readout, while displayed on a digital LCD, mimics the hands and numbers of an analog watch, but it also features a traditional digital readout as well. It features a digital compass, which can come in handy while hiking. Other features include a barometer, thermometer, and even an altimeter. It is also waterproof and shockproof, securing it for heavy outdoor use. In addition, hikers relying on the Pathfinder to get them out of the woods safely will never have to worry about the watch's batteries suddenly giving out, as it is solar powered.

G-Shock Atomic Casio Watches

Another highly functional Casio watch is the G-Shock Atomic model. This watch also features a faux-analog interface with digitally animated hands and numbers on an LCD screen. It is ideal for a number of outdoor uses, and offers several different time recording devices. Like the Pathfinder, Casio's G-Shock Atomic is solar powered. It is waterproof and shock proof, making it a very durable watch. It also offers multiple time zone displays, making it well suited for travelers. In addition, the G-Shock Atomic watch is always accurate, as it is automatically synchronized with the atomic clock.

Both watches are great for customers looking for a watch that can endure a lot of wear and tear and still offer multiple functions. This makes these Casio watches great for a number of outdoor activities, such as biking, swimming, and running. These pursuits can also benefit from some of the additional features of these watches, including a stopwatch feature, and preset intervals that can be used for measuring laps or other activities.

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