Home Video Equipment

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Whether you're planning on buying a countertop TV for your kitchen, or installing an entire home theater system in your den, there are several factors to take into consideration when buying new home video equipment. The increasing popularity of digital televisions has added a few more categories in recent years.

Although digital video provides higher image quality than analog television, there are several levels of image quality available within the category of digital television (DTV). The three most popular types of picture quality are High Definition Television (HDTV), Enhanced Definition Television (EDTV), and Standard Definition Television (SDTV). While SDTV provides roughly the same picture quality as traditional analog sets, EDTV offers better imaging, clarity, and color. HDTV, however, represents a significant improvement over the other two formats, and is currently the highest quality standard for home video equipment.

Home Video Equipment Standards

You should also keep in mind that DTV is not synonymous with HDTV. A digital television is not necessarily equipped to process HDTV. Oftentimes, there are additional components to purchase and install in order to make a television HDTV compatible, such as a HDTV tuner, receiver, and antenna.

Before purchasing a new digital TV, you should make sure that it will be easily compatible with your existing home entertainment center. You'll want to know if the TV has enough audio/video jacks to accommodate your DVD player, VCR, digital camera, video game system, and stereo or surround sound speakers. Although you can always buy additional adapters and connectors, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by simply planning around your present setup.

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