Nostalgia Telephones

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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The evolution of the telephone seems to stand out in old movies. Everyone has seen films featuring those early phones that had to be hand-cranked, as the speaker held one receiver up their ear while speaking into the base of the phone. The art deco era introduced stylized desktop phones, as well as elegant "portable" (accompanied by a lengthy cord) models. The 1950s had the popular princess phone, on which teenage girls can be seen gossiping in countless '50s movies.

Current telephone designs, like the design of many modern products, seem to have sacrificed form for function. The majority of phones on the market have no aesthetic appeal, and can therefore do nothing but diminish the appeal of any setting they are placed in. This is in contrast to vintage telephones, which were designed to be just as much a part of their surroundings a piece of furniture. As a result, old telephones held much more physical appeal over their utilitarian antecedents.

Popular Nostalgia Telephones

While vintage phones may have been more aesthetically pleasing than their modern counterparts, current phones definitely have the edge when it comes to functionality and technology. However, some companies now combine the look of vintage telephones with the convenience of modern technology by offering retro phones. These nostalgic telephones replicate the outward appearance of classic telephone designs, but are equipped to handle voice mail, touch-tone dialing, and more.

Several organizations specializing in vintage phones, as well as other vintage electronic products, can be found online. If you do buy a retro phone online, be sure to confirm the materials used in its construction, as some companies may only offer fragile plastic facades, as opposed to legitimate replicas.

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