Panasonic Projection Lcd Tv

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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The Panasonic PT-50DLD64 combines a very large screen with a variety of audio and video features, making it a welcome addition to any high-end home entertainment system. This model also equipped to be instantly compatible with nearly all popular video sources, from digital broadcasts, to DVD players, to computers, digital cameras, and camcorders. It also offers high surround sound capabilities.

The picture on this model's 50-inch LCD screen is rendered through rear projection. Rear projection LCD imaging allows for a large screen size without requiring too much space for the components that render the image. As a result, rear projection is used to create light, thin, conveniently designed televisions that can still feature a large screen and high quality display.

The design of this projection LCD TV allows it be easily integrated into a number of environments, and its lightweight frame makes it possible to mount the unit on a wall. All of the input/output jacks on this model are conveniently located on the side, rather than the back of the unit, which makes it easy to add or remove devices once the TV is already installed.

Panasonic Projection LCD TV PIP

One interesting feature of this model is its picture-in-picture (PIP) feature. Although PIC has been an option on many TVs for years, the PT-50DLD64 takes the idea further by providing PIC access across input sources. This means that you can simultaneously view images from a DVD player, game console, cable or satellite, or antenna. For example, you can keep track of a network broadcast football game's score while you watch a DVD or play a video game.

The digital media slot available on this unit are another useful feature. This model offers inputs and slots for several types of digital media, including flash cards and several other popular data storage standards. This means that you can insert the card from your digital camera directly into the data reader on the side of your TV, and instantly enjoy a high quality digital slideshow.

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