Philips Lcd Tv

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Phillips manufactures a variety of leading LCD TVs for different budgets and uses. One of their most popular models is the 23PF9945, which is a mid-priced liquid crystal display (LCD) television. This model has a 23-inch screen, and its flat panel design is considered one of the best for presenting clear images, even in brightly lit environments. While some televisions may be easily obscured by surrounding light, this Philips LCD TV is equipped with contrast settings that present a clearly defined picture regardless of the surroundings.

The Philips 23PF9945 features a cinematic aspect ratio (display width by height) of 16:9, making it perfect for both high definition broadcasts, and high quality video sources. All high definition television is broadcast in the widescreen format, and many DVDs now offer a widescreen presentation. Widescreen is a popular for both entertainment and business use, and the shape of the screen allows full viewing of images that would be letterboxed and reduced on a TV with a traditional aspect ratio.

Widescreen Philips LCD TV

Prior to widescreen, films shown on television would have to be reformatted to fit the almost square TV display, as opposed to the rectangular shape of the movie screen. As a result, the sides of reformatted movies were usually chopped off to crop the image into its new space. When essential information was presented in the cropped areas, the frame would have to jerkily scroll across the picture to capture it. This type of presentation, known as pan-and-scan format, was generally considered to be a distracting and awkward way to watch DVDs. Thanks to the widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, you can now enjoy watching films they way they were intended to be viewed.

This model is HDTV ready, which means it can display high definition video once it is fitted with a high definition receiver device. This can be anything from a cable or satellite connection, to a high definition tuner, which uses an antenna to pull high definition transmissions. It is also equipped with numerous side mounted video input jacks, as well as several digital media slots, allowing you to use the TV as a monitor for DVDs, video games, digital cameras, and more. There is even a PC input, which allows you to quickly set up the TV as an additional PC monitor. This has useful applications in a business or educational environment, where the large LCD screen can be used for presentations directly from a laptop.

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