Samsung Hdtv Receivers

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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HDTV receivers are devices that you must attach to your television in order to tune in digital broadcasts via an antenna. While most HDTV ready televisions are already equipped to accept high definition digital broadcast from cable or from a satellite, they are usually not capable of displaying HDTV images that broadcast over the air. Although there are currently very few high definition programs being broadcast in this fashion, the impending FCC mandated appointment of HDTV as the new broadcast standard indicates that the format will soon see much more use.

Samsung has developed several HDTV receivers, which are also called "high definition tuners." The features of these tuners surpass the visual requirements of high definition digital broadcasting, and offer options for developing a comprehensive home entertainment system as well.

Types of Samsung HDTV Receivers

The Samsung SIR-T151 receiver is designed to pick up over-the-air digital television broadcasts, and transmit them to your screen. It's important to remember that these devices are not for use with cable and satellite digital broadcasts, and must be used in combination with a digital antenna in order to work properly. Although a few digital TV models come with an HDTV receiver already installed, the majority do not. This receiver does not include an antenna. Although many UHF antennas are compatible with this unit, it's best to determine beforehand which type is suitable for your location.

The SIR-T151 is one of the most versatile HDTV receivers on the market. It can receive several types of audio formats, including Dolby 5.1 Surround, which is the standard format for HDTV. The unit also features several additional audio/video jacks. It comes with a universal remote control, which can also be programmed to operate your VCR, DVD player, and TV.

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