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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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The Samsung LTN325W LCD TV is a sleek, lightweight unit, yet features a large screen with a cinematic widescreen aspect ratio of 14:9. The spartan design of this model hides its wide variety of features and applications, allowing the unit to maintain a stylized, polished appearance. This makes the Samsung LTN325W LCD TV a great combination of form and function. This high definition ready TV provides the highest quality digital imaging, color, and detail, while its construction and slender frame make it a attractive addition to any room.

This model's 40-inch widescreen display is outlined by a black frame, set against a silver case. Its unbelievably thin 3.5-inch build allows it to be easily mounted on a wall for a great home theater display. However, if you opt not to mount the unit on the wall, you can use the included adjustable stand.

Samsung LCD TV Models

The Samsung LTN325W LCD TV has a number of high quality audio components to match its video features. The audio is compatible with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Digital Surround, THX, and several other formats, and is also capable of broadcasting "virtual surround" through its own speakers. It also comes with an additional two speakers that can be mounted to the side of the unit, or simply removed if not needed.

This unit is HDTV-ready, but still requires an additional high definition input source to display HDTV images. This can be a cable/satellite input, or even a HDTV tuner, which can be used to receive digital signals from an antenna. The TV also offers advanced digital image processing, which automatically translates incoming video signals to all available pictures, insuring the highest quality available.

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