Sharp Lcd Tv

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Sharp is known for manufacturing high quality video equipment, and has long been on the cutting edge of new video technology. As digital video formats continue to gradually replace the cathode ray tube standard used since the invention of television, Sharp remains one of the foremost TV companies. Sharp's line of digital units equipped for high definition television (HDTV) features many high-quality, affordable flat panel TVs that use liquid crystal display (LCD) screens to provide detailed, high definition video images.

LCD screens display high quality images by projecting fluorescent light through a thin film of liquid crystals. The liquid crystals are charged to react to the light in different ways, and their subsequent patterns of illumination create the pixel combinations that combine to create the image on the TV screen. The detail and high quality of LCD TVs makes them perfectly suited for HDTV broadcasts, as well as displaying high quality DVDs, especially those available in the cinematic widescreen ratio favored by HDTV. Sharp offers LCD TVs for many budgets and lifestyles.

Sharp LCD TV Models

Sharp's LC15-A2 LCD TV is an affordable, mid-size model. It features a 15-inch viewing area that uses the 4:3 aspect ratio of traditional televisions, as opposed to the more cinematic 14:9 widescreen aspect ratio used by some digital televisions. Its flat LCD screen makes it a considerable thin and light model, and it can be easily mounted on a wall. The TV's setting controls, as well as audio and video jacks, are mainly located on the side and bottom of the frame, to allow for easy adjustments even after the device is mounted to a wall.

If you choose not to mount the TV, it also comes with an adjustable, swiveling stand for desktop or countertop viewing. It is available in several colors, including silver, black, pearl, and beige.

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