Under Counter Lcd Tv

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Under counter LCD TVs can provide a convenient alternative to your kitchen's bulky countertop television set. Small, liquid crystal display (LCD) screens can be affixed to the underside of kitchen cupboards, freeing counter space, while offering a superior image over bulky cathode ray tube TV sets.

Many under counter sets are designed to swivel, as well as flip up and down. As a result, the TV can be easily visible from anywhere in the room while in use. When the TV is turned off it can simply be flipped back up and remain out of sight. Most under counter LCD TVs offer an additional feature that automatically aligns the picture according to how the unit is installed. For example, if the set is attached to the bottom of a cupboard, and must be lipped down to be viewed, the picture will appear right side up, but will still appear right side up if the unit was mounted to something underneath it, requiring the monitor to be flipped upwards to be viewed.

Under Counter LCD TV Uses

The size, quality, and versatility of LCD screens make them perfect for other uses as well. The same types of units that can be installed under counters are also found in other environments. Under counter LCD screens are popular with boat owners, as the TV can be installed and viewed in any part of the boat without the owner having to worry about it getting tossed around and damaged as the boat moves.

The LCD technology utilized in under counter LCD TVs has also been implemented into many emerging types of compact and portable video display devices. Small, flip-down LCD TVs are also becoming popular for use in cars, where a single screen can be mounted to the ceiling for the amusement of backseat passengers.

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