888 Numbers

Written by Joy MacKay
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888 numbers enable you to enjoy greater availability with your toll free numbers. You might be wondering if the 800 number you want is available, but there's another great option with 888 numbers. 888 numbers are easy to remember, and give you great variety to choose from.

When I lived in the Sacramento Valley, my phone number had a prefix of 916, like most neighboring counties. However, the sheer number of customers in the area created the need for another area code. Because of that, my county's area code was split off to be 530.

Similarly, 888 numbers are a split area code for toll free numbers. Because 800 numbers have been around for so long, many desirable numbers had been taken. 888 numbers enable you to choose the numbers you want, with an added flair of uniqueness.

888 Numbers Are Completely Toll Free

Other than their unique and catchy area code, 888 numbers function exactly as 800 numbers do. They give you toll free service and all of the benefits therein. The Internet is a great place to begin your search for 888 numbers.

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