Shared 800 Numbers

Written by Joy MacKay
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If you're thinking about an 800 number for your friends and family only, you might consider shared 800 numbers. Shared 800 numbers allow you to restrict the people who call you. This cuts down on unwanted costs, and calls from those you simply don't have time to speak with.

How Shared 800 Numbers Work

Shared 800 numbers work with a personal identification number (PIN) that functions like a secret knock. When a friend or family member calls the 800 number you have given, they then enter a PIN which corresponds to your residence. They are able to connect to you after entering this special PIN number.

You only give this PIN number to those whom you wish to speak with. This allows you to have total control over the calls you will pay for with your shared 800 number. You don't have to pay for sales calls, or wrong numbers, as these people won't know your PIN and won't be able to connect with you as a result.

The best part of a shared 800 number is that you have total control. If you only want your family to know the PIN, you can keep it highly confidential. These shared 800 numbers usually offer great rates.

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