Toll Free 800 Numbers

Written by Joy MacKay
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Stop for a moment, and try to remember as many toll free 800 numbers as you can. You probably can't remember too many of them. No doubt, the ones you do remember are the ones that use vanity numbers which spell out words.

Types of Toll Free 800 Numbers

The first kind of toll free 800 numbers are the randomly chosen ones. These are usually assigned straight to you from your phone company. They mean little to you, and can run you high costs in incoming calls if they at all resemble another number--the result of misdials that don't bring you business.

The second kind of toll free 800 numbers are vanity numbers that only have numeric value. These are sometimes easy to remember strings of numbers, which don't spell words. For instance, you can repeat "1111" at the end of your number, or find another easy-to-remember number.

The third kind of toll free 800 numbers are vanity numbers which do form words. These use the alphabet on your telephone keypad to spell words that relate to your field of business. These are the most effective for bringing business in, as they are easy to advertise and even easier to remember!

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