Vanity Numbers

Written by Joy MacKay
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Whether you have a business, or just want to express yourself, vanity numbers are a wonderful way to be noticed. You can choose from endless options out there, to find vanity numbers that are most appropriate.

Vanity Numbers for Business

If you have a business, you can gain and retain clients with vanity numbers. These are usually offered in both local numbers, and toll free numbers. Clients from both far and near will remember your number when they need your service.

A friend of mine is a clergyman, and he made sure the last four digits of his vanity number were 7729, spelling "PRAY." My mother-in-law runs a beauty parlor, and had her salon number spell the word "HAIRCUT." By using the alphanumeric keypad associations, you can create unique numbers that help people remember your number.

When people associate your number with a spelled-out word, they are more apt to remember it. Moreover, when people need a prayer, or a haircut, or whatever your service or product is, they will think of your number instantly. This means greater exposure for you and your business.

Vanity Numbers Just for Fun

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could choose a vanity number, just for the fun of it? You certainly don't need a business to choose vanity numbers. You can use your vanity number to spell your name, nickname, or hobby.

Think of vanity numbers as your signature statement. You can get as creative as you would like. Best of all, you can give your vanity number out quickly and easily, and others will be certain to remember it.

Learning to Choose Vanity Numbers

There are a few key tips on how to choose a vanity number that is right you. First of all, you should use words that are concise and easy to recall. Another important tip is to find available words that are different from your competitors. This will set you off from the pack.

While anyone can easily choose a vanity number, you'll want to make sure yours is right for you. You'll also want to make sure that the number fits your persona or your business. Once you choose your number, you'll find it lets people reach you more easily than ever!

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