37 Inch Lcd Tv

Written by Adam Blau
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The wonders of modern technology have made it possible for you to fit a 37 inch LCD TV into your home. Imagine it: whether you're watching the game, an action movie, or even the morning talk shows, every detail is brought to life on the television screen. Combined with the sharpness and clarity of the LCD screen, the sheer size of a 37 inch LCD TV is enough to rocket any home theater buff to cloud nine.

Matters of Size with the 37 Inch LCD TV

Traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) television sets operate differently than LCD screens. In order for a CRT screen to display a picture, a ray (like a "light gun") must continuously fire at the screen. This action takes place within your television set, behind the screen. The physics of this mandate that the ray be positioned far enough away from the screen itself.

Because of this, the larger the television screen, the deeper and heavier the television set. If you wanted to have a 37 inch CRT television in your living room, you would have to account for a few feet worth of television set depth, as well. In order for the screen to display the image, the gun would have to be set far enough away from the rear of the screen. The overwhelming size of a television set protruding into the middle of a room is enough to deter many customers from buying such a large set.

A 37 inch LCD TV, on the other hand, can display its image with a relatively flat screen. Oftentimes, such a large image can be projected onto the screen with only a few inches of depth in the set itself. Because of the recent developments in LCD technology, it is now possible to have an enormous screen without the drawbacks of having the set devour the space in your room.

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