Audio Wall Plates

Written by Serena Berger
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Audio wall plates can be used to share a common source of music among multiple rooms in your home or office. If you frequently have guests visiting and have a large home, this is an easy way to distribute sound to each room while having a central control. Audio wall plates allow you to use floor standing speakers, which deliver higher sound quality than in-wall speakers.

Sharing Music with Audio Wall Plates
Something to keep in mind is that you will need to purchase equipment that will allow you to control the distribution of the sound. When paired with a volume controller, audio wall plates enable the people in any room at a given time to control the volume of the music there. If a serious conversation is taking place, they have the ability to lower the volume and turn it back up later if they so desire.

You might decide that you want to have multiple sources of sound so that different rooms can have different types of music playing at the same time. One room could play music while another could have 5.1 channel surround sound playing with a movie. Rather than putting a separate stereo in each room, you can have a few receivers that are connected to different rooms through a series of audio wall plates. There are different types of equipment that are available for connecting multiple speakers to the same receiver, all of which have different options and types of protection to prevent damage to your receiver.

Audio wall plates can terminate in either soldering or connections. RCA audio wall plates may have gold connections, which ensure that the connectors remain free of corrosion. If you trying to install wall plates on your own, you might be more comfortable with plates that have connectors on the back. That way you avoid having to solder the incoming wires yourself.

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