Written by Serena Berger
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Audioplex offers products geared toward facilitating multi-room audio within the home. How nice would it be to have a single point from which you could control the audio within your home, but the freedom to travel to any other room and hear it just as clearly? If you restrict your audio equipment to a single room, the only way to do this is increase the volume of your speakers to an astronomical level, which bothers your neighbors and really hurts your ears when you come back to the room to turn it down.

Multi-Room Audio Solutions from Audioplex
If you would like to preserve amicable relations with your neighbors, you might want to seek an alternative course of action. Audioplex has bundled a multi-room speaker kit for three to six rooms. These kits include one pair of speakers for each room, as well as volume controls for each room and a junction plate to which you connect your audio source.

Part of what makes multi-room audio difficult is that amplifiers typically work with (at most) two pairs of speakers. To work around this, you need a system that uses devices to transform a multi-room speaker system into the electric equivalent of two sets of speakers. If you try to connect multiple pairs of speakers in parallel, you run the risk of damaging your equipment.

Audioplex offers two types of solutions to this problem. The first uses individual volume controls in each room. The second solution is to connect all speakers to a central device, which is then connected to the amplifier. Resistive protection requires no additional action from you, as protection is automatically enabled when you turn on speakers. This allows you to play audio from as many rooms in the house as you would like. It is a simple matter to add a second audio source, which lets you play one type of music in some rooms, and another kind in others--ideal for any party.

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