Cd Recorder

Written by Adam Blau
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If you are looking to create your own compact discs for audio, data or backup purposes, you can buy one of the many types of CD recorder that are available on the market. Frequently part of a computer system, CD recorders serve a variety of useful purposes from which many are sure to benefit. Blank compact discs are incredibly inexpensive these days, so a CD recorder can be a worthwhile investment.

The Many Varieties of CD Recorder

When shopping for a CD recorder, pay special attention to the features for which you plan to use it. If you will be using your CD recorder primarily for data backup, you will obviously want to get one that connects easily with your computer. If you plan to use your recorder with several computers, you might consider getting an external CD recorder which connects via USB or Firewire. If you plan to use the recorder with just one machine, an internal one might be better. The methods by which internal drives transfer data are often quicker than those of external CD recorders.

You might consider whether your recorder can write to CD-R or CD-RW media. The former (CD-R) is a "write-once" type medium--if you put material onto it, that material is there for good. The latter (CD-RW) allows you to erase and rewrite data onto the disc. CD-RW discs are frequently more expensive, and they require a compatible CD recorder.

If you just plan to use your CD recorder for audio, you might also consider purchasing a standalone recorder, or one that is part of a stereo. Many new brands of audio systems include CD recorders onboard, which can be helpful for creating mix CDs or MP3 compilations. Of course to use this latter functionality, the audio system must also accommodate MP3s.

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