Cobra Radar Detectors

Written by Adam Blau
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Cobra radar detectors come in a variety of models that can detect several different signals. Some of the more elaborate Cobra radar detectors can sense up to 11 signals (including radar, laser and safety systems). Different models contain different features, though, so it is important to look closely to make sure you get what you need.

A Variety of Features on Cobra Radar Detectors

Some features are fairly standard among Cobra radar detectors. A good number of them, from the EDS7000 all the way up to the XRS9700, contain Cobra's LaserEye and SafetyAlert systems. The former of these provides 360 degrees worth of laser detection, and the latter can alert the driver to emergency vehicles or certain road hazards that have SafetyAlert installed as well.

Most Cobra radar detectors also provide a choice of operating mode. If you plan to drive on the open road, you can use the "Highway" setting. For those people driving in more crowded urban areas, the "City" mode works quite well. This mode limits the amount of false signals in populated areas.

Some features are unique to the higher end Cobra radar detectors. The high-end XRS9600 and the XRS9700 each provide a means to detect the latest K and Ka radar gun. These models also come equipped with a compass and Cobra's "EasySet" mode, which serves as a user-friendly interface for simpler operation.

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