Compact Digital Camera

Written by Adam Blau
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A compact digital camera can be a complete vacation-saver. How many times have you gone someplace and left your camera behind because it was too bulky? Or worse, have you gone on a trip and had your camera damaged because it got squashed or battered due to its size?

The advent of smaller and smaller compact digital cameras can alleviate these problems in a flash. Some cameras, like the DXG308 compact digital camera, can fit into a coat pocket or purse, and weighing just over four ounces, it is incredibly easy to carry around. Many of these smaller cameras are professional grade, so you won't be sacrificing picture quality by using them, either.

Resolution and the Compact Digital Camera

Many people worry that if they buy a compact digital camera, their pictures will be of poor quality and the camera will skimp on features. This couldn't be further from the truth. Some of these cameras can deliver three and higher megapixels per image--enough to display a photographic quality image.

Despite their size, the cameras themselves also provide ample features. On some models of compact digital camera, you can still find fully-loaded feature sets, including a range of focus and exposure options, file formats, and lens attachment slots. With these developments, there is no more excuse to miss those exciting vacation snapshots!

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