Convention Rentals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Participants in conventions or trade shows of any kind often enlist the help of companies that specialize in convention rentals. Many different kinds of equipment are available for rent, but technological gear and computers are often in high-demand. Across the country, various local and national firms offer various presentation gear and convention rentals to assuage the demand.

Some of the most highly coveted gear is presentation gear, such as LCD projectors. The projectors that most rental companies offer range in luminosity from 1000-6000 lumens, which is enough to display a clear image across a large room. Smaller projectors are usually enough for booths or meeting rooms. Most convention rental companies also offer document cameras, transparency projectors, or electronic whiteboards.

Audio gear is also in high demand. Many convention or event organizers rent microphones, audio mixers, and speakers along with LCD projectors for a full suite of presentation equipment that can handle any size crowd. Some rental firms may offer package deals including all of this equipment, along with technicians to help in installation and troubleshooting.

Reserving Convention Rentals

Many companies that offer convention rentals have complete websites documenting the type and quantity of gear that they have available. Some companies may even purchase gear based on client needs or recommendations. Many companies accept reservations via both phone and email, and can deliver equipment overnight, if necessary.

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