Dvd Vcr Player

Written by Adam Blau
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The combination DVD VCR player solves a recent conundrum in which many home theater users find themselves. This quandary often reveals itself in the following way: "I want to have the maximum quality viewing experience for my media, but I also want to be able to videotape programs off the television." Compounded with a desire to avoid purchasing several peripheral television devices, this is a problem that can have a very real effect on a customer's wallet and living room space.

Enter the DVD VCR player. As the name suggests, the DVD VCR player is one device that takes the place of two. Purchasing such a machine has several benefits over buying two separate units: ease of connection, space-saving capability, and a potentially lower price.

Those people who have tried to interpolate several peripheral devices into their home theater setup know that it can often end up in a tangle of wires that leads nowhere. With a combination DVD VCR player, you need only attach one device to your cable box or television set--it couldn't be easier. What's more, instead of having two sizable boxes near your television, you save space by housing both machines in the same unit.

Pricing and the DVD VCR Player

Because the internal workings of the DVD VCR player share some of the same machinery, you will frequently find that a combination unit retails for considerably less than buying separate units. If you buy two separate machines, the manufacturer will account for the box material and input/output jacks twice. If these parts are shared among the two units (as is the case with this type of machine), a significant savings can be achieved.

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