Flat Panel Tv

Written by Adam Blau
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If you are looking to purchase a flat panel TV, you have several different options and technologies to choose from. Some of the most popular flat panel types include plasma, LCD and DLP televisions. Each flat panel TV type has its own benefits and disadvantages, so it is important that you weigh your particular needs as you shop.

Which Flat Panel TV for You?
The plasma and LCD models of the flat panel TV are becoming increasingly commonplace. Prices for these units have come down significantly in the past few years, adding to their obvious appeal. There are, however, some key differences to consider, which may decide the correct model for you.

Plasma TVs are lighter and have a great quality image, though after a while that image can tend to deteriorate in brightness. LCD units don't have this same deterioration property, but there can be distinct "angle effects" in some models. In these cases, the further away someone moves from the front end of the screen, the more distorted the image will become.

DLP televisions are primarily larger than other flat panel televisions (or conventional CRT televisions, for that matter). DLP technology is a projection technology. You can find DLP televisions that are over 40 inches--this is clearly a flat panel TV for a special location.

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