Home Theater System

Written by Adam Blau
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The home theater system is becoming ubiquitous in households around the world. People used to gather around the television set as if it were an appliance or a piece of furniture. Today, though, people are thoroughly integrating their audio and video equipment into the building and structure of a room, quite literally transforming the space into a home theater system.

How Can I Transform My Room into a Home Theater System?

The distinction between a mere "TV room" and a full-blown home theater system is a subtle one. Chances are, if you own a couple of video and audio appliances, you already have the groundwork for such a system. The key to an exciting entertainment experience lies in the integration and interaction of these machines into a larger whole.

The heart of many a home theater system is the tuner. Here, it is possible to route the audio from several devices into a single spot. Certainly you should connect your CD and cassette player into the tuner. Once you attach your television, DVD player, game console and VCR into this system, though, you are getting into home theater territory.

Add a set of surround speakers to take full advantage of the advanced mixes of DVDs and video games. In moments, you are no longer huddled around an appliance--you are an integrated part of the entertainment experience. The person who immerses him or herself in a home theater system is no longer a viewer, he or she is an active participant.

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