Written by Adam Blau
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Marantz is a company that has an extremely high reputation as a manufacturer of high-end audio and video components. Marantz delivers business solutions for electronics, as well. For those people looking to bring a high degree of quality and clarity to their home theater systems, adding one or many Marantz components can deliver a noticeable shift in clarity.

Different Types of Marantz Components

Marantz offers high-end versions of most of the typical components you would likely include in a home theater system. This company has a reputation for using great-quality parts and the latest technologies, such as high sampling-rate and bit-rate DACs (192 kHz/24-bit) and great algorithms for their surround systems. These are the same components that the pros use in their studios, available in consumer versions for your home theater.

Aside from individual components, they manufacture a unit that functions as a combination DVD, CD, MP3, Video CD, WMA and JPEG player. While many consumer grade units can offer several of these services in a single box, few incorporate all of these formats with the pristine quality for which Marantz is famous.

There is obviously a trade-off when considering purchasing Marantz components. With such quality often comes a high price tag. For the true home theater aficionado, though, the expense will be well worth it, as the picture, sound quality and reliability of the units excel consistently.

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