Mp3 Cd Player

Written by Adam Blau
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The advent of newer music technology has dictated that manufacturers begin creating a combination MP3 CD player for audio customers. As more and more audiophiles begin to transfer their music collections into the MP3 format, a solution was necessary for people to play the files on a traditional stereo. The MP3 CD player offers users a means of playing the sound files without rendering their CD collections completely moot.

The Need for an MP3 CD Player

An MP3 is a sound file which has been compressed by a particular algorithm. In the world of computers, this helps to save file size while storing or transferring a particular file. In order to make the file size smaller, certain (less important) frequencies are edited out, resulting in a sound file that sounds quite similar to the original file. More often than not, this change is audible primarily in the higher frequencies of a file.

If you were to place some MP3s on a compact disc, a traditional stereo would not be able to read the files accurately. Data CDs differ from audio CDs, and the former cannot be read in an audio player. This is where the MP3 CD player comes in.

An MP3 CD player allows these files to be played in the same way that a conventional audio CD would. What's more, most MP3 CD players display the ID3 tags on their screens. These tags allow a user to display the artist, song and album information of a given song--a feature that could never work with a conventional audio CD player.

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