Phoenix Cables

Written by Serena Berger
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Phoenix Gold developed their reputation through their line of car audio products. Customizing vehicles by adding more impressive stereo systems is becoming more popular. People spend hours daily commuting to work and many of them want a great sound system to make the drive more pleasant. Phoenix has gone so far as to develop (with partners in the relevant industries) a demo of vehicle partners to showcase their products. Phoenix is no longer limiting their products to the automotive realm, however. You can now get them for your home, as well.

Audio and Video Cables from Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold produces a number of high quality audio and video cables, as well as connectors. If you have recently purchased new speakers and need to run cables to connect them to your receiver to complete your home theater system, Phoenix Gold offers a home theater cable kit. The kit includes three 12-foot spools of cable and two 40-foot spools, ensuring that you will have enough cable. This means that you will not have to stretch cables (which ultimately distorts sound) or alter your original plans for layout.

Phoenix Gold also has a number of video cables available. They have different tiers of S-Video and component cables, all of which are available at prices considered reasonable by many fans of high end home theater equipment. Most employ gold plated connectors, ensuring that the contacts will remain free of corrosion. These cables will certainly improve upon the performance of the free cables that are included with your home theater components.

When purchasing speaker cables, it is often easier to purchase a spool of wiring so that you can cut it to any length that you desire. If you have already purchased cable but still need connectors, Phoenix Gold has a series of banana plugs that accommodate anywhere from eight to 16 gauge cables. They also manufacture adapters, should you need to change the gender of the cables that you are already using. This may be more affordable than purchasing new cables.

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