Plasma Screen Tv

Written by Adam Blau
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You've seen the commercials: people hanging a plasma screen TV from their ceiling, in the bathroom, or on the wall like a picture. Perhaps you've wondered if it's time to do away with your own bulky television and purchase a crisp, sleek plasma screen TV of your own. There are some notions to consider that can help you decide whether or not a plasma TV is for you.

Is the Plasma Screen TV for Me?

One thing is for sure: the plasma screen TV is slick. Whereas older "CRT" television sets are big, heavy and deep, the plasma screen TV is comparatively lightweight and certainly slimmer. If you are looking to preserve space in your TV viewing quarters, or even if you simply like to keep up with the cutting edge of decor, a plasma screen TV is right up your alley.

The flat panel display of a plasma screen TV also helps the crispness and sharpness of an image. There are some issues concerning plasma screen TVs--some older machines were plagued with dead pixels, poor viewing angles and brightness issues. Quality control has significantly improved recently, though, so these issues are nowhere near as rampant as they were in the past.

The other item which will certainly be a factor to some is that of cost. A plasma screen TV will often cost considerably more than a conventional CRT TV of an equivalent size. Again, you get what you pay for--if the advantages offered by a flat panel plasma screen TV outweigh the cost issue, the plasma screen TV could be just what the doctor ordered.

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