Presentation Rentals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Presentation rentals are available from audiovisual equipment rental companies across the country. Most companies are based in large municipal areas such as LA, New York, or Chicago, though there are many smaller rental firms scattered in non-metropolitan areas as well. There are also larger, national companies that can provide service to many different cities in the United States, often with next-day or three-day shipping, if necessary.

Such national companies often focus on supplying business clients with equipment customized to their specifications. Some national companies have large regional warehouses with hundreds of different types of equipment on hand, and can help with customized hardware or software installation as needed. This organizational system allows those rental firms to provide quick solutions for clients who need whole computer networks or other equipment-intensive installations performed for trade shows, business functions, or conventions.

Useful Equipment for Presentation Rentals

Commonly stocked presentation rentals equipment includes projectors, whiteboards, and audio equipment. Most companies stock a range of projector options, as well as accessories such as document cameras, screens, and speakers. High-powered LCD projectors are usually available, and in some cases, may be offered in a package with an audio mixer, microphones, and a power amplifier.

Other types or equipment for presentations, such as interactive whiteboards, are also available from a large number of companies. Some companies will offer clients small presentation rentals packages that include an electronic whiteboard, a laptop computer, and even an ink jet printer. Technicians may also be available to aid clients with installation and removal of equipment.

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