S-video To Coax

Written by Serena Berger
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You may have taken the step and finally purchased a DVD player or received one from one of your children after hearing about how great the picture and sound are compared to what you get from a VCR. If you had trouble learning to operate the remote control for the VCR, the remote control for the DVD player probably looks nightmarish. Worse still, you may find that your television only has one RF input, and your cable or VCR is currently connected to it.

There are a few options available to you in this case. You may decide that it is time to go out and get a new television. Alternatively, you might try to connect the DVD player to your television through the VCR, if the VCR has inputs on the front or back. This may not be possible, however, because some VCRs are equipped with copyright protection that alters the brightness of the picture if you attach a DVD player. The assumption is that it would keep you from copying rented DVDs to VHS, but the down side is that it ruins the viewing experience even if you intended to do nothing illegal.

Connecting an S-Video Output to a Coaxial Input

Another option is to connect the DVD player directly to your television by using an S-Video to coaxial cable adapter kit. These kits take the video over the S-Video line from the DVD player, as well as sound via composite cables, and output the audio and video feeds to the coaxial cable that is connected to your television. Most of these kits include a switch so that you simply flip it to watch television again rather than having to unplug cables every time you want to go back and forth from TV to DVD.

One downside to this solution is that the audio is downgraded from stereo to monaural sound. Also, you may not see the full benefit of DVDs over VHS tapes because you are essentially downgrading the video and audio by using the coaxial cable. If you have a stereo system, you can connect the DVD player's sound output to the receiver so that you can hear the audio difference, but you will not see dramatic improvement in video using an RF cable.

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