Sharp Aquos Tv

Written by Adam Blau
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The Sharp Aquos TV is at the cutting edge of LCD and flat panel display technology. The Sharp Aquos TV takes advantage of liquid crystal display features to make a variety of sets for the home. These LCD televisions allow a viewer to experience TV in richer, clearer detail than with conventional cathode ray tube televisions.

Types of Sharp Aquos TV

Sharp manufactures several different breeds of Aquos TV that suit a variety of needs. For those people looking for a widescreen solution for their viewing, Sharp offers sets that range from 22 to 45 inches. Many films and HDTV are broadcast in the widescreen format. If these constitute the majority of your viewing choices, then a widescreen Sharp Aquos TV might be for you.

For those people who watch more traditional broadcast television, Sharp offers a range of 4:3 image ratio sets. Broadcast television is shown in this ratio, and can sometimes be distorted on widescreen sets. Sharp currently offers its 4:3 Aquos televisions in a range of sizes from 13 to 20 inches.

If you would really like to keep up with the cutting edge of television viewing, you can purchase a wireless Sharp Aquos TV that you can carry around your house with you. Sharp's LC-15L1U-S has a rechargeable battery that keeps the LCD screen operational up to 50 feet away from the home base. Now you can have a true portable TV solution with a stunning display.

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