Sharp Lcd Projector

Written by Adam Blau
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If you are looking for a true home theater experience, a Sharp LCD projector or DLP projector can amplify the experience. These projectors are a viable alternative to all-in-one rear projection television sets. The Sharp LCD projector or DLP projector is frequently mounted on the ceiling, but several models are portable and can be place on a table or moved from room to room.

Sharp's front-projection devices use an assortment of LCD and DLP technology. Some of the more recent products are of the DLP variety, and offer HDTV compatibility. The newest line of projectors sport a powerful Texas Instruments chip set that enhances the viewing experience immensely.

The Sharp LCD Projector Goes to Work

Sharp offers a line of business and classroom projectors that take advantage of LCD technology, as well. The Sharp LCD projector can be helpful in displaying presentations for a large group of people in a clear, crisp fashion. With quiet fans and excellent brightness, these models of sharp LCD projector serve excellently in the office or at school.

Sharp offers the PG-A20X model as an entry-level LCD projector. This model has all the basic presentation features someone beginning to use a Sharp LCD projector might need. The PG-C45X and XG-C60X are higher-level models of Sharp LCD projector that incorporate higher-level features and better image quality.

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