Speaker Wall Plates

Written by Serena Berger
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Speaker wall plates enable you to connect speakers in different rooms to a common audio source. Rather than putting a different stereo in each room, you need simply to connect a pair of speakers to a wall plate that has been wired and connected to your home theater system. This is an affordable way to place high quality audio in multiple rooms without running long wires up stairs and tacking them to walls and ceilings.

Some wall plates may require professional installation, as the back of the plates terminate in connections that need to be soldered. The front of the wall plates can be either spring clips (which accept bare speaker wire) or connections for banana plugs. If you choose to use banana plugs, make sure that the speaker wire is securely connected and the plug fits snugly into the wall plate.

Matching Speaker Wall Plates to Your Décor
Another reason why you might choose to make use of speaker wall plates is to improve the décor of your home. You may have space in a closet or cabinet set in which you can store your audio equipment. This can remove the clutter of wires from eyesight and the wires can then be connected to your speakers through wall plates. You can connect video cables using the appropriate wall plates, as well.

Speaker and video wall plates are available in a variety of colors to match any decorating scheme. Alternatively, you can purchase bare wall plates and then add a "surrounding" to cover up the metal of the plate. You do not have to compromise the audio quality that comes through your speakers for the aesthetic quality of the rooms.

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