Tv Vcr Combo

Written by Adam Blau
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As it becomes necessary to add more and more components to a complete home theater system, a TV VCR combo can help to eliminate the array of limbs springing forth from the metaphorical head of your entertainment center. Many modern entertainment centers comprise countless components: the DVD player, the game console, the stereo, the other game console, the CD player, and even another game console. With all of these components, wouldn't it be nice to consolidate a couple of them into a single unit?

Enter the TV VCR Combo Unit

The VCR has become so ubiquitous that many manufacturers have started producing televisions with VCRs embedded in them. These hybrid TV VCR combo units have the complete functionality of separate units, but with the space-saving features of a single box. Utilizing a TV VCR combo relieves some of the tangled patchwork of wires that lives behind your set.

As DVD technology proliferates, many people use their VCRs exclusively to record broadcast programs. People tend not to rent as many VHS cassettes as they did years ago. It seems silly to have a separate component for a less-used device, especially when you can purchase a set into which the VCR has been incorporated.

The TV VCR combo is extremely easy to configure. More often than not, you only need to attach 2 cords: cable/satellite and power. Obviously, you can configure many of these sets to work with the rest of your home theater equipment. And who knows--perhaps with the space left over from the VCR, you can go buy yourself another game console!

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