Video Conferencing Lighting

Written by Charles Peacock
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A funny thing about video conferencing is that it brings Hollywood production problems into the conference room of the average American company. Most people would never think of how much work and artistry goes into lighting a television or movie set. For those of you who are using the latest video conferencing technology, however, you're probably figuring out very quickly how important lighting actually is.

Lighting Your Video Conferencing "Set"

The problem with using traditional lights in conjunction with video equipment is that they're usually not powerful enough. The human eye is incredibly adept at adjusting itself to different levels of light very quickly--so you can look at someone in a dark room, for instance, and then quickly shoot a glance out the window to a bright exterior without having too much trouble focusing.

Video equipment has a much harder time adjusting to light conditions, and so it depends on a more predictable (and usually brighter) amount of light to produce a good picture. If you've tried using video conferencing equipment with your normal office lighting, you've probably found that the result is a murky, dark picture.

Luckily, companies are now developing lighting equipment designed especially for video conferencing. These types of lights usually come with remote controls that allow you to turn them off when the video call or presentation is over. They also give you the ability of putting the "spotlight" on a single speaker while the rest of the room stays dark.

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