Video Equipment Rentals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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As technology becomes and increasingly important aspect of many business presentations, many businesspeople are turning to video equipment rentals to help show off their wares. Equipment that can be burdensome to travel with, such as plasma displays, can be rented easily, and in many cases, with relatively little notice. Projectors and other video equipment rentals are also convenient for promoter and community organizers, who may not be able to justify purchasing expensive equipment for limited use.

Most video equipment rentals suppliers offer similar equipment choices. Companies usually have a range of projectors (from 1100 to 5000 lumens), DVD players, and LCD or Plasma monitors to choose from. Larger companies may have more expensive equipment available, such as 61-inch plasma screens and large flat touch screens.

Video Equipment Rentals Packages

In some cases, rental companies will offer audio packages along with video equipment. For flat screens and large displays, they may include side mount speakers, but for projectors, they may offer PA speakers, mixers, and even microphones. Some companies also employ highly trained technicians that can aid clients with installation and other potential technical difficulties.

The technicians employed by such companies can usually help clients assemble complex, custom orders. Such technicians are sometime certified in a range of engineering disciplines, including Net+, A+, and MCSE NT, among others. 24-hour technical support is available from many companies.

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