Video Presentation Equipment

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Video presentation equipment, such as displays and projectors, has undergone major technological developments in the last 20 years. With the maturation of the personal computer as a major business tool, businesspeople from many companies around the world can enjoy the complex and visually impressive power of computer-aided infographics. Displays have matured appropriately, matching PCs for power, grace, and constantly increasing usability.

LCD projectors and other projector-based video presentation equipment has matured into gear that is capable of displaying sharp, clear graphics and motion video in a variety of lighting situations. Contemporary projectors can provide a clear picture in large environments such as trade show and convention halls, and can project with up to 6000 lumens. Projectors are also becoming increasingly portable, with some small enough to fit in a small backpack along with a laptop computer.

Monitors have also developed, with flat LCD and plasma displays becoming the standards. LCD screens are most suitable as personal video presentation equipment, as they are affordable and commonly sized for personal use. Plasma and other HD displays dominate the large screen market, offering remarkable clarity with screen sizes as large as 61 inches. They are also easy to use and maintain, and their weight makes them easy to handle and install.

Renting Video Presentation Equipment

Most high-tech and expensive video presentation equipment is available to rent from AV firms or business rental companies. Many companies offer package deals of complete suites of presentation equipment, including plasma screens, speakers, and a media player or laptop computer. In some cases, as little as 24 hours' notice is required, and reservations can be placed via phone or email.

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