Video Projector Rentals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The most popular service that is offered by technology rental companies may be video projector rentals. Video projectors are versatile pieces of equipment that seem to be tailor made for facilitating modern multimedia presentations, especially to large groups of people. They are portable, easy to set up, and can be mounted almost anywhere, indoor or out.

Current video projectors measure output by lumens, and many rental companies offer projectors in a variety of lumens. Commonly, 1100 lumens are standard for low-light, intimate situations, where a lot of power and luminosity aren't necessary. For applications involving larger spaces, however, some projectors project 5200 lumens evenly across the screen, the rough equivalent of 6 60-watt bulbs behind every pixel displayed.

Video Projector Rentals Suppliers

Video projector rentals are available from many technology and computer rental companies all across the country. Though many companies specialize in serving regional and local customers, others have warehouses and offices across the country, and deliver equipment to major metropolitan areas in almost every state. In some cases, as little as 24 hours' notice is required to have equipment delivered and set up for trade shows, meetings, conventions, or other functions.

Video projector rentals may be offered in rental packages, along with audio or computer equipment. Many companies can supply both the equipment and the technicians to install complex media setups for both large and small presentations, including microphones, amplifiers, mixers, laptop or desktop computers, and of course, projectors. Some companies also offer business packages that include interactive whiteboards, projectors, and computer equipment.

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