Wireless Tv

Written by Adam Blau
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Wireless TV is at the cutting edge of television and home theater technology. With manufacturers like Sharp making products like the LC-15L1U-S Aquos Wireless, it is not hard to imagine everyone walking around with their own private video screens. The LCD technology has made the portability and lightness of these televisions an asset to those people who need to move around and watch television.

What Are Some Features of Wireless TV?

The Sharp wireless TV is a fine example of the innovations of the medium. It has a rechargeable battery that allows for several hours of television or DVD viewing without needing to be plugged in. Because the battery is rechargeable, you don't have to worry that your wireless TV will be a financial sinkhole by devouring batteries.

This particular wireless TV operates up to 50 feet away from its source without cords or cables. Imagine being able to go out to the yard with your television set, or curl up on the couch with the wireless TV on your lap. The technology is truly amazing for home theater buffs.

The Aquos wireless TV incorporates the latest LCD screen technology, which allows for a stellar picture. There is an impeccable range of viewing angles, allowing the picture to be seen from angles other than "head-on." The contrast ratio and brightness are both top notch, as well. If the increasing number of people walking around with handheld devices is any indication, wireless TV should catch on in no time.

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