Electric Voltage Converters

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Electric voltage converters are necessary devices to have with you when you are traveling overseas. The reason is that American electricity runs on 110 volts, while most European countries run on 220 volts. This presents an obvious problem if you are planning on bringing small and large appliances with you when you travel abroad.

If you were to travel from the United States to Italy, and without using a voltage converter just plugged in your hair dryer, you would in all likelihood destroy it. You also run the risk of a power surge which could result in a shock or a blown circuit. For these reasons, it is totally necessary for you to have the proper converters with you when traveling to other countries. And it makes sense to purchase these converters beforehand, because who really wants to shop for converters when they are in Italy?

Handy Dandy Electric Voltage Converters

The type of electric voltage converters that you purchase will all depend on the type of appliances you will be bringing with you on your trip. For small appliances, such as hair dryers and curling irons, you will need a small, portable converter that plugs into the wall. You then plug your appliance into the converter when you wish to use it.

Bigger appliances require more substantial voltage converters, and are usually only necessary if you are relocating to another country. Most of us don't bring our dishwashers and televisions with us when taking a vacation in Europe. For more info about which type of converters you will need for your travels, click on the link above.

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