Two Way Transformers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Two way transformers are a must for frequent travelers and high-tech fanatics alike. Two way transformers allow you to use American appliances in Europe, the UK, or Asia, or foreign appliances in American outlets. These voltage transformers are also known as Step Up / Step Down voltage transformers, because they allow your 110 volt appliances to work in 220 to 240 volt outlets (stepping down) or your 220 to 240 volt appliances to work in 110 volt, American outlets (stepping up.)

Two Way Transformers and the Variety of Uses

Good two way transformers are extremely adaptable. Look for ones with multiple outlets, for multi-appliance use. They should work with either grounded or un-grounded outlets. They should accept two prong or three prong plugs. They should work in Asia and Mexico, as well as Europe and the UK. They should offer fuse protection, surge protection, and back up.

When looking for electronic gadgets and supplies, check out the Internet first. That's the most convenient way to find the best bargains. Just make sure you shop at an online store you can trust.

Look for a recommendation by the Better Business Bureau. Look for easily accessible customer service, including both a telephone and an e mail contact. Look for unbeatable prices, and a wide range of products with full warranties.

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