Universal Plugs

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Universal plugs will allow you to use your appliances in virtually every country. Universal plug adapters can convert your American, 120 volt-friendly, two prong plug, and adapt it to a 240 volt European outlet designed to accept two skinny pegs instead of two flat prongs. Or you can use universal plugs to power your hair dryer in England, where their appliance plugs also feature two prongs, but on a horizontal rather than vertical plane!

Universal Plugs for Light Packing

If you had to buy a different plug adapter for every different kind of plug, you'd drive yourself nuts. Universal plugs allow you to use your appliances in Australia, Europe, Asia, America, and so on, with one little adapter. It makes traveling light so much easier, and it makes keeping track of your adapter once your travels are over much easier, too.

Adapters are perfect for light use of small appliances, like hair dryers. For electronic equipment, like computers, you might want to use voltage transformers instead. Talk to the customer service person at your online electronics store for one-on-one advice.

Make sure you buy your voltage converters, adapters, and transformers from a company you can trust. Look for a contact phone number, as well as a contact e mail address. Make sure you work with companies that have been approved by the Better Business Bureau, too.

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