Voltage Converters

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Traveling Or Importing?

The world of electronic goods is a vast and confusing one. To begin with, half the world uses 110 volts, and the other half uses 220 or 240 volts. Sometimes we buy an electronic item that comes from a part of the world where they use the other voltage, or sometimes we want to travel and take our stuff with us.

Choosing Voltage Converters

At times like these, we'll be looking for one of the many types of voltage converters that are on the market. What you buy will depend largely on your needs. To begin with, do you want to step up (from 110 to 220 or 240), or step down (from 220 or 240 to 110). It is possible to buy voltage converters that work both ways if you will need that.

What Size Do You Need?

The next thing you'll be looking for when choosing voltage converters is size. For small domestic appliances such as shavers and hair dryers, you'll need the smallest ones on the market from about 50 Watts and up. These are often referred to as light duty voltage converters, and often they'll have a selection of different Wattages to suit your appliance so that you can use it for more than one of your light domestic appliances.

All The Way To Industrial

If you are planning to use voltage converters for larger appliances such as heaters or computers you'll need one that's in the hundreds of Watts range. You can buy voltage converters in Wattages all the way up to industrial size with over 10,000 Watts. So no worries about finding something big enough for your needs.

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