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Residential Weather Stations

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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If you are left unsatisfied by the local evening weather report, you might be interested in residential weather stations. Compact, comprehensive, and convenient, weather stations can give you more information than the news, when you want it--for the weather in your neighborhood. Despite their compact size and impressive feature list, digital weather stations are surprisingly affordable.

At home in either the city or the country, weather stations are unobtrusive devices that cram an amazing wealth of sensors into tiny sensor suites. Included in most residential weather stations' sensor suites are common devices such as thermometers, hygrometers, and barometers. Some more professional models also include wind meters, rain gauges and even UV meters.

Information from the sensor suites is transmitted inside your home to the base station, a small module that consists primarily of an antenna and a large LCD display. Up-to-the-minute weather information is at your fingertips, most weather stations also include alarms to inform you when your weather preferences are met. Base stations are at home on any desktop, and some are available in a variety of finishes to match the interior of any home.

Other Residential Weather Station Options

A professional weather station can be a costly addition to your home.
Other options for those interested in complete, professional weather stations but unwilling to shell out the money may be interested in products that turn your home computer into a weather station. Often cheaper than complete weather stations (there is no need for the expensive base station module), home computer kits make a great alternative.

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