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Employer Interview Tips

Written by Amy Hall
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You have probably heard your fair share of interview tips. So, you know what kinds of things job applicants are doing to prepare for the interview. Candidates know that they are likely going to be asked numerous questions regarding the company, what it sells, and how it stands up to its competitors.

As a result of all the interview preparation, candidates can sometimes come off as wooden or practiced. You may want to ask some questions that are not standard, to get a more honest or genuine reaction or response. Be careful not to ask personal questions, however, since many of these are illegal interview questions and could result in problems for your company if asked.

Even though you are not being interviewed yourself, you want to dress appropriately for a job interview. For women, this usually means dressing conservatively and for men, the dress code should also be conservative, typically a suit in navy, black, or gray, with a collar shirt and a nice tie that is not loud or distracting. Wearing a bright orange tie with purple polka dots is not a good idea, as such a colorful wardrobe statement will likely distract the person being interviewing.

What to Look for

There are a variety of things to look for in applicants. Strong, logical answers are one, and personality is another. Does this person seem like they would fit into the work environment? Candidates should always be polite and never talk poorly about any ex-employers or co-workers from previous jobs. If they do, this is considered a definite red flag for interviewers.

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