Best Careers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many young people set out to search for the "best careers" when their time at school and college are nearing an end. The truth is, though, that there are no universal best careers. True there are jobs that may look very glamorous from the outside, and therefore attract a lot of attention from everyone. To truly find a best career for you personally, however, your skills, natural abilities and personality all need to be taken into account.

What is a dream job for one person may turn out to be a nightmare for someone else. This is why it is never a good solution to follow a career path simply because someone else you know is doing well at it. To begin with, in order to enable you to draw up a short list of best careers for yourself, you might sit and list all the abilities you have. Then you might ask people close to you at home and at school or college if they have anything to add to that list.

Career Steps

This list can form the basis of your search if you then add another column of jobs you're interested in doing. A great way of really getting a good idea about facets of yourself you may not have even considered would be to get a professional career appraisal. This will highlight your strengths and weakness and will enable you to pick jobs that will utilize your strengths.

Knowing that it's not just a matter of hitting the job boards once you have finished with school is being halfway to understanding what's involved in making sound career choices. Accepting that it's not enough to simply wait until superiors notice you is an important breakthrough, too. It's a noteworthy fact that the most successful people made their own decisions about where their career was taking them and didn't just wait for someone else's decision. Being proactive is essential to getting where you want to be.

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