Career Assessment Tools

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Whether you're launching yourself into the workplace for the first time, or you've decided on a career change later on in life, you need to define career assessment tools that will help you make the right choices. Anything that helps you with the important process of self discovery will be a legitimate career assessment tool. To this end, you might consider discussing your career path with those who know you well, and who can be trusted to give you honest advice.

Reaching inside yourself to decide what you like or hate about your present work or work prospects can be an important part of the process. It's true, though, that our own assessment of our career situation is not always accurate. We may, for example, feel that we are doing well at a particular aspect of our job, while our boss feels that we aren't. While we hope that this situation doesn't apply to us, we can never be absolutely sure, so it's a good plan not to exclude external input when planning a career, no matter how independent we may consider ourselves to be.

Appraisal: A Superb Assessment Tool

There is one particular career assessment tool that is outstanding in its ability to help individuals see where they should be going. This is undoubtedly the career appraisal. Undergoing a thorough career appraisal will probably turn up information about yourself that surprises you. It may mean that you take a different view of your career choices. It will almost certainly give you some definite pointers as to where you should be going in your career.

It can be exhilarating to read through an appraisal of your own skills and abilities and see your good points and weak points accurately mapped out. You may not be surprised at career recommendations, but then again perhaps you will be. You'll almost certainly see before you information that will enable you to make fruitful decisions about your next steps.

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