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Career Planning

Written by Dana Hinders
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Careful career planning can help you find the job of your dreams. While choosing a career that fits your interests and abilities is important, it's also a good idea to consider whether a career will fit your lifestyle. If a career as a loan officer is a good match for your lifestyle goals, training seminars and correspondence courses can help you develop the skills you'll need to succeed in this rewarding profession.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Career as a Loan Officer

Do you prefer to work with others or alone? Loan officers spend a significant amount of time analyzing financial data and performing administrative tasks. However, they also need to have strong networking and negotiating skills since they are essentially salespeople. A successful loan officer must have the social skills to develop positive relationships with clients as well as a solid technical knowledge of the lending process.

Where would you like to live? The majority of loan officer positions are located in cities and suburban areas. In smaller communities, the branch manager normally handles the loan application process. Requirements for loan officer licensing also vary by state.

What type of hours do you like to work? Consumer loan officers spend most of their time in an office and work during standard business hours. Commercial loan officers must sometimes travel to other cities to discuss a client's loan application. Mortgage loan officers frequently meet with clients during evening and weekend hours. Most loan officers work the standard 40 hours per week, although self-employed mortgage loan officers often choose to work part-time because of personal responsibilities.

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