Career Profiles

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Reading through lists of career profiles can be very helpful in allowing you to make some serious decisions about the direction of your career. They're often not the complete answer, though. When you've found the profiles for a selection of careers you may be interested in, resolve to dig deeper. Remember that what you've read so far is the experience of one or a few people. Your experience may be different.

There is another way you can make sure that you're taking the right decision. Signing up with a career professional who will conduct a thorough career appraisal is a superb way of getting to grips with the smaller details that can have a major impact on your progress in a particular career. Usually, as human beings we ignore the minor details until they're having so great an impact that they cannot be ignored any longer.

Success Is in the Details

The kind of details that are referred to would be if someone who loves the outdoors life takes a sedentary desk job where they end up feeling like a caged animal all the time. You may enjoy, for example, working at a computer, but will you enjoy being exposed to canned music, fluorescent lighting and stale air conditioning day after day? Although this may be an extreme example, it is a classic situation that many thousands of people find themselves in.

From this, you can see how important it is that when you read a career profile and you like what you see, that you also consider the tiny details that the profiler may have neglected to mention. You need to consider all facets of your personality and not just the dominating traits that will qualify or disqualify you for a particular job. In a way, you need to consider this from an entirely selfish point of view. Remember that you'll be doing a favor for the people you eventually work for, too. It is very frustrating for personnel departments who invest time and money training people only to find that they leave because they're not happy.

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