Employee Retention Strategies

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Despite the fact that employee retention looks set to remain the most serious problem experienced by companies nationwide, you don't necessarily have to have a deep knowledge of human resources to have a successful workforce, although it helps. Today, there are so many resources available for you to draw strength from, that it's not difficult to find ways of improving lengths of employee services. The Internet is a superb resource, and you may also find it highly beneficial to team up with a firm that offers career services.

In many technical fields today there is a dire shortage of candidates. Once you get them, it's pretty essential that you don't lose them. Let's look at a few strategies that may help to keep them where they're needed. The best way of all to keep employees is to hire the right people in the first place. Often, a fast rate of staff turnover is a sign that something is very wrong with a company's hiring system. Employee retention strategies have their place, but making sure you have the right person first should take priority.

You could say that having the right person for the job is the best employee retention strategy. Apart from that, employees look for satisfaction from their job, job security and a good working atmosphere, not necessarily in that order. Organizational improvement can improve all of these issues, along with a system of incentives.

Powerful Incentives

On the job training and continuing education are powerful incentives to most employees. If you can get an employee to commit to learning with your company, they will automatically be committed to staying in their job at least for the time being. It's interesting to note that after several years, employees are less likely to leave their jobs. There is comfort in familiar surroundings for most people.

Communication within the company is also of major importance. At whatever level, if an employee feels that he or she is contributing to the success of the company, and to whatever extent is influencing the direction the company takes, then he or she is likely to feel more committed.

Remember that anything that will help you hire desirable candidates will likely also help you keep them. Also, what works for one company may not necessarily work for everyone. When it comes down to it, enlisting the help of a professional career consulting company may be your best answer. Together you can work on a strategy for getting and keeping the perfect workforce for your operation. This kind of investment is likely to pay off handsomely in terms of the results you get from having a company that is operating smoothly without the setbacks that high staff turnover routinely presents.

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