Increase Job Satisfaction

Written by Patricia Skinner
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It's no longer considered selfish to want to feel fulfilled at the work you do every day. If you're not happy, you may want to think about ways you can increase your job satisfaction. This may not necessarily mean switching careers altogether. It could mean looking for similar work in a different company, or looking for slightly different work within the same company.

What you decide to do to increase job satisfaction will ultimately depend on why you're unhappy in the first place. Perhaps you are doing the wrong work. Maybe you just aren't working with the right people. Company policy regarding personnel could also be at fault. To analyze why you're not happy you'll need to create a checklist.

Your Reasons for Discontent

When do you begin to feel unhappy? Is it when you wake up? When you walk through the gate? When you get into your office? Pinpointing whether your dissatisfaction is pretty much permanent, or whether it concerns just a small aspect of your job could be important.

Since companies are anxious to increase their employee retention these days, instead of leaving your job, talk with your human resources supervisor. Perhaps between you it's possible to come up with a plan to improve your level of job satisfaction. You may end up by taking a training course that will enable promotion. Or you could opt to do a different job completely within that company. It's possible that a few tweaks to your company's organization could result in greater job satisfaction for many employees. You could be doing a lot of people a favor by expressing your discontent and being articulate in regards to your skills and abilities.

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